Shares of News Corp. slide to a six-month low as a cell phone hacking scandal continued to engulf Rupert Murdoch's media empire. ...    4:42 am | WISN 12 |  
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The troubled Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday fired hitting coach Jeff Pentland. 7:39 am | WISN 12 |  
At its best, the American Folklore Theatre has a history of spinning theatrical gold from ingredients that don't always spell success -- folksy simplicity, corny charm, minimal... 7:39 am | |  
Since 2000, Project Non-Violence has given inner city youth the opportunity to create performances reflecting their own experience and the lives of their peers. Those lives have... 12:00 am | Shepherd Express |  
The crowded energy-drink market is dominated by Red Bull and Pepsi- and Coca-Cola-distributed products like AMP, Rockstar and Monster, but there's still room for smaller upstarts... 12:00 am | Shepherd Express |  
There are signs that the bitter labor battle between the National Football League owners and players could end as early as Thursday. ...    3:01 am | WISN 12 |  
The Detroit Red Wings secure a new backup goaltender, signing journeyman netminder Ty Conklin to a one-year deal worth $750,000. 3:29 am | WISN 12 |