An experimental Ebola vaccine being tested in humans, including 20 volunteers in Baltimore, appears to be safe and is capable of stirring a response in the immune system, the... 20 hours ago | The Baltimore Sun
Researchers at Northwestern University are repurposing Blu-ray movies for better solar panel technology thanks to the discs' internal structures. November 26, 2014 | ABC 2
Advances in prosthetics are making replacement body parts stronger and more lifelike than they've ever been. November 26, 2014 | ABC 2
China has announced plans to try to grow in a green way as the country attempts to balance cutting carbon emissions with continuing growth. November 26, 2014 | ABC 2
The International Space Station is now using a proof-of-concept 3D printer to test additive printing in a weightless, isolated environment. November 26, 2014 | ABC 2
The US FDA is announcing new calorie rules on Tuesday that will require everywhere from theaters to vending machines to include calorie counts. November 25, 2014 | ABC 2
Whether they want to or not, consumers will soon know how many calories they are eating when ordering off the menu at chain restaurants, picking up prepared foods at supermarkets... November 25, 2014 | ABC 2
You love your dog like a member of your family, right? Well, how do you feed Fido? November 25, 2014 | ABC 2
Movie theater chains will have to inform patrons how many calories are in those giant buckets of popcorn and restaurants with at least 20 locations will have to reveal the calorie... November 25, 2014 | The Baltimore Sun
Looking for ways to reduce your risk of cancer? Try losing weight. November 25, 2014 | The Baltimore Sun
Just as Americans begin to cook their high-calorie Thanksgiving dinners, the U.S. government is enacting sweeping changes it hopes will push people to pay more attention to how... November 25, 2014 | The Baltimore Sun
Nestlé, a company more known for sweets than health food, could be getting into the business of weight-loss supplements. November 24, 2014 | ABC 2