Today's workout:2x5 BW Split Squat2x10 BW Squat2x15 Push UpThen:Wall Ball @ 14/20lbsBall Slam @ 14/20lbs50-40-30-20-10 reps of each (i.e. 450 reps of each movement)Rest 2 minutes... December 21, 2014 | Boston Herald
Acidic foods versus Alkaline foods and their effects on weight loss is a bit of a newer topic so nothing entirely conclusive has been established on the subject.  There is,... December 20, 2014 | Boston Herald
You have no doubt heard of slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. The difference between the two is simple, one contracts and retracts slowly (slow twitch), and the other does the... December 17, 2014 | Boston Herald
No weights? No excuse. No equipment? No excuse. No gym? no problem. H.I.I.T. - 30 sec work/15 sec rest between ex's/90 sec rest between rounds.1. Burpees2. Side Lunges3. Prone... December 14, 2014 | Boston Herald
Can carbohydrates have a muscle building (anabolic) effect on your body? Yes. Reason being, carbohydrate is a nutrient activator, which means it primes your muscle for protein... December 13, 2014 | Boston Herald
Hundreds of police officers turned their backs on a screen showing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as he spoke at the funeral of one of two officers killed last week. 9 hours ago | ABC 7 KABC |  
One of this year's strangest studies found people prefer painful electric shocks to being alone with their thoughts. 9 hours ago | ABC 2 |  
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