Three local brands tapped to design official city apparel for delegates Three local brands -- Maria Pinto, left; Hart Schaffner Marx and Lee Allison --... 5 hours ago | Chicago Tribune |  
BUFFALO GROVE — If someone says they'll pray for you in an illness, most people wouldn't expect a vigil by well-wishers on their front lawn. September 22, 2009 | Chicago Sun-Times |  
Let's get one thing straight right from the beginning about the football-themed wedding Sunday morning at ESPN Zone: It was all the bride's idea. September 21, 2009 | Chicago Sun-Times |  
Stand on an L platform in the median of the Kennedy or Dan Ryan at rush hour, and you can see some disturbing driver habits. You can see people texting, putting on makeup and even... September 21, 2009 | Chicago Sun-Times |  
In his 70-year-plus career in gastroenterology, Dr. Joseph B. Kirsner has trained more than 200 doctors, written more than 750 scientific papers and even treated a Moroccan king. September 21, 2009 | Chicago Sun-Times |  
WASHINGTON -- More than 35 million people around the world are living with Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia, says the most in-depth attempt yet to assess the brain... September 21, 2009 | Chicago Sun-Times |  
About 12,000 Muslims gathered Sunday at Toyota Park in Bridgeview for a prayer service that marked the beginning of Eid al-Fitr. September 21, 2009 | Chicago Sun-Times |  
Watch any amount of the Food Network or wander the aisles of a cookware shop and your mind will inevitably start playing tricks on you. "I can't live without a tortilla warmer,"... 17 hours ago | Chicago Sun-Times |  
It looked like a picture out of my high school German textbook: A perfect, suntanned family frolicking in the shallows of the Danube. In the fast-flowing water of Europe’s second... 17 hours ago | Chicago Sun-Times |  
University of Illinois Professor John Rogers thinks a new generation of computer chips could one day be a boon to your heart. Rogers hopes the flexible chips he has helped develop... 17 hours ago | Chicago Sun-Times |  
Coming soon to a restaurant menu near you: sheepshead. No, not a sheep's head. We're talking sheepshead -- a small fish with lots of bones and little teeth that come in handy for... 17 hours ago | Chicago Sun-Times |  
Figs are so misunderstood. Since we tend to stick with what we know, we often skip over the fig and go for bananas, apples or oranges because figs seem so, well, foreign. 17 hours ago | Chicago Sun-Times |  
When M.W. of Romeoville requested "a perfect red raspberry pie," Marlene Kroll of Chicago and Mary Alice Lehman of Northlake shared their favorite recipes for easy-to-assemble... 17 hours ago | Chicago Sun-Times |  
Dr. Terry Mason — the urologist and radio talk show host who tried to trim Chicago’s collective waist-line — has resigned as the city’s $177,156-a-year health commissioner to... 17 hours ago | Chicago Sun-Times |