The story of Tristan and Isolde (sometimes spelled Tristram and Iseult or Yseult) is one of the archetypal love triangles and has been told again and again since taking the broad... 17 hours ago | Columbus Underground
Here’s a thing about art: it requires engagement. It needs to be actively pursued. Once found, it needs to be, well, thought about. Maybe that’s obvious, but it’s a point worth... January 18, 2015 | Columbus Underground
Natalie Mering charts a more direct course on The Innocents, the second album the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter has released under the Weyes Blood moniker. January 17, 2015 | Columbus Alive
Technology is a glittering lure. But there is the rare occasion when the public can be engaged on a level beyond flash, if they have a sentimental bond with the product … a deeper... January 17, 2015 | Columbus Alive
EASE Gallery’s current exhibit, “The Great Camera Build-Off,” showcases the ingenuity of Ohio State students who participated in the fall course Alternative Camera Systems led by... January 17, 2015 | Columbus Alive
Circle of Death, the latest from brutal Cleveland metal quartet Homewrecker, opens with a vocal belch that mimics the sound of someone vomiting, and only grows more violent and... January 14, 2015 | Columbus Alive
Only Cadaver Dogs would be ballsy enough to lose a member (bassist Cole Walsh-Davis, who departed amicably late in 2013 after relocating to Louisville, Kentucky) and still follow... January 14, 2015 | Columbus Alive
In recent years, Mishka Shubaly has received more attention as an author than a musician, penning a series of Kindle Singles highlighted by “The Long Run,” a mini-memoir tracing... January 14, 2015 | Columbus Alive
Nervosas’ primal punk sound is built on rumbling drums, snarling guy-gal vocals and wiry, trembling guitars that mirror the band’s jittery name. While the music moves with... January 14, 2015 | Columbus Alive
Dave Buker will be pulling double-duty at Spacebar, fronting his namesake band, Dave Buker & the Historians, as well as performing alongside longtime collaborator Tyler... January 14, 2015 | Columbus Alive
Only a handful of lines from the Greek poet Sappho, who is estimated to have died sometime around 570 B.C., have survived the centuries-long passage of time. Among those is... January 14, 2015 | Columbus Alive
Rarely have a band’s name and its sound been so incongruent. The songs populating the quartet’s excellent self-titled debut (a quick mea culpa for leaving this off my top 10 local... January 14, 2015 | Columbus Alive