Florida authorities have obtained an arrest warrant for a Florida in custody in Haiti who they say killed his wife and five children.Mesca Damas, 33, could face six counts of... September 22, 2009 | Crime Time |  
Just think, it wasn't that long ago that Plaxico Burress was playing in the Super Bowl with the New York Giants football team.On Monday, Burress was formally sentenced to to years... September 22, 2009 | Crime Time |  
The Arlington ISD Education Foundation held its annual StarMaker fund-raising breakfast Tuesday and attendees received a challenge along with their eggs and hash browns. Dan... September 22, 2009 | Extra Credit |  
The Detroit Police Department is dealing with tragedy today after they say a Detroit officer fatally shot his wife, a fellow officer, before turning the gun on himself.The... September 22, 2009 | Crime Time |  
"Chemical Bonding" is Haltom High School's fall theatrical presentation. The play was written by Don Zolidis, director of Haltom's Theatre arts program and a group of students.... September 21, 2009 | Extra Credit |  
Robert E. Thompson proves you're never too od.Thompson, 91, jumped from his bed the other night naked and then held an intruder at gunpoint until the law arrived.Thompson heard... September 21, 2009 | Crime Time |  
He's back.Authorities in Washington state have recaptured an escape insane killer who slipped away during a field trip to a county fair.Phillip Arnold Paul, 45, was captured three... September 21, 2009 | Crime Time |  
Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday fired back at opponents who seized on his remarks at a Houston business luncheon last week to suggest that he is aloof to the hardships Texans are... 3 hours ago | Fort Worth Star-Telegram |  
CBS 11 News has learned more information about the deaths of a Dallas mother and her young daughter.  According to police, Gary Green killed his wife and stepdaughter, and then... 5 hours ago | CBS 11 |  
Nearly 800 City of Dallas employees have been told their positions are being eliminated.  Among those are civilians who work for the Dallas Police Department in community outreach... 5 hours ago | CBS 11 |  
Plenty of North Texas parents spend money on private and parochial schools. But what do you think about paying children to read? It's happening in some of the poorest schools in... 5 hours ago | CBS 11 |  
A Fort Worth woman is grateful for the help of her neighbors today after they helped catch a man suspected of breaking into her house. 6 hours ago | CBS 11 |  
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign for governor admitted one of its operatives recorded and edited video of Gov. Rick Perry talking about the recession and asking "are we in one... 6 hours ago | NBC 5 |