For six years a Las Vegas junior high school separated its seventh graders by gender for reading classes, in a bid to boost student achievement. 18 hours ago | Las Vegas Sun |  
A $650 million grant initiative, announced this month by U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, holds a wealth of opportunity for the Clark County School District, but meeting one... October 17, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |  
Green Valley Christian School’s request to expand its junior high and high school operations into a vacant office building across the street from its main campus won the approval... October 16, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |  
A year-long delay has been granted for the trial of a couple accused of orchestrating a massive residential real estate and mortgage scam in Las Vegas. Eve Mazzarella and her... October 16, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |  
Las Vegas home sales traditionally slump at the end of the year as people wait until the spring to consider buying, and analysts are wondering how strong the market will be as the... October 16, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |  
Mr. O’Dowd goes to Washington. Or, at least, he will next week to accept honors as the best principal in Nevada. Michael O’Dowd was selected by the National Association of... October 15, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |  
The notion of holding teachers accountable for their classroom performance — and paying them bonuses for a job well done — is gaining support across the country. But what criteria... October 15, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |  
Residential mortgage foreclosure filings fell nationwide in September -- but not in Nevada. Statistics released today by RealtyTrac of Irvine, Calif., show the numbers were up for... October 15, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |  
Another report on residential mortgage foreclosures is out, this one largely confirming grim statistics for Nevada. Numbers show Las Vegas leading the nation in foreclosure... October 28, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |  
Las Vegas posted a decline in home prices in August as measured by the widely-followed S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices. The debt rating company Standard & Poor's today... October 27, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |  
Percentage of residences, including condo units and townhomes, for which an auction notice was received or that were repossessed, Sept. 1 to Oct. 25. October 27, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |  
Nevada has the chance to qualify for as much as $200 million in federal education grants. But to do so, the Legislature will have to change state law in a hurry. That would... October 25, 2009 | Las Vegas Sun |