Ryan Dorris set his bottle of Chimay on a round table in the open-air plaza, parked his ukulele by his knee, and soaked up the ambience. 16 hours ago | The Inquirer & Daily News |  
DEAR ABBY: "J.J. in South Carolina" is dating a man whom she suspects cannot read. My grandfather is illiterate, and he's the smartest man I know. September 15, 2009 | The Inquirer & Daily News |  
Matthew Shepard's murder made his mom an activist September 15, 2009 | The Inquirer & Daily News |  
The IRS issued new rules Tuesday designed to make it easier to refinance some commercial real estate loans in an effort to curb the number of defaults. September 15, 2009 | ABC |  
DEAR ABBY: My toddler and I were rear-ended a few days ago. Thankfully, neither of us was hurt. The other driver's insurance is paying for the car repairs. They will also... September 14, 2009 | The Inquirer & Daily News |  
Philadelphia Police are investigating an overnight accident in Logan that has claimed the life of a woman. September 13, 2009 | ABC |  
Three teenagers are recovering from stab wounds they suffered while riding the Market Street El. September 13, 2009 | ABC |  
Philadelphia Police are investigating a shooting in the city's Mantua section. September 13, 2009 | ABC |  
DEAR ABBY: "Ingmar" and I have been married - on and off - for 12 years. We have married each other twice. Ingmar loves "big" women. 16 hours ago | The Inquirer & Daily News |  
Dear Amy: I am a very undersexed single woman. A female coworker and I became very close friends this year, and I am steadily becoming close friends with her husband as well. 16 hours ago | The Inquirer & Daily News |