A community meeting will be held Sept. 29 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. to discuss the Lexington School modernization project. 22 hours ago | San Jose Mercury News |  
Justin Wilcox, 37, has been named publisher of the Daily News Group, which publishes newspapers in Palo Alto and several other Peninsula cities. 22 hours ago | San Jose Mercury News |  
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Although there had been reports of coyotes attacking pets throughout the summer, one Monte Sereno woman says the coyotes are now becoming increasingly brazen. 22 hours ago | San Jose Mercury News |  
The Los Gatos Children's and Holidays Parade will take place on Dec. 5, but before the big day there's a lot of work to do. 22 hours ago | San Jose Mercury News |  
Whether Los Gatos dogs prefer to dance, prance through a par-course or simply lie still and lick their owners' hands, a day of activities perfect for every pooch will be on tap at... 22 hours ago | San Jose Mercury News |  
A former school teacher San Francisco prosecutors say was caught kissing a young girl in a school gymnasium will serve time in state prison. 8 hours ago | KTVU |  
A national survey released on Friday showed the role parents can play to ensure their teenagers are safe when driving on the road. 8 hours ago | KTVU |  
An aspiring horrorcore rapper suspected of killing his girlfriend and three others in Virginia told a cab driver that he had a fight with the teenager over a text message he found... 8 hours ago | KTVU |  
A known sex offender is raising concerns for parents and police in the North Bay he was spotted loitering close to a Novato elementary school. 8 hours ago | KTVU |