Shark's, Skip's and Hot Rods: Make room for AJ's read more September 18, 2009 | The Florida Times-Union |  
Today Anjo Liquors: 9928-1 Old Baymeadows Road, 5-8 p.m. (904) 646-2656. Casa Marina Hotel and Restaurant: 691 First St. N., Jacksonville Beach, 6-9 p.m. (904) 270-0025. The... August 27, 2009 | The Florida Times-Union |  
Indian home cooking in Mandarin The Publix Apron's Cooking School will have two high-profile chefs next month at its beautiful show-kitchen on San Jose Boulevard in Mandarin. The... August 27, 2009 | The Florida Times-Union |  
If the Yucatan Taco Stand fails to make it I have one message for the landlords: Give up. Turn that spot into anything but a restaurant. It's haunted or jinxed or has been given... August 27, 2009 | The Florida Times-Union |  
Last week, I engaged in a citywide scavenger hunt checking out Jacksonville's ethnic markets and buying colorful items for a photo shoot. I have shopped at ethnic markets in the... August 26, 2009 | The Florida Times-Union |  
Oral Explosion Eateries 1402 San Marco Blvd.(904) 346-4222 Oral Explosion — a food court that includes J.P Lee's; Flavors, the Essence of India; Royal Pizza; and Deli Deli - is... September 18, 2009 | The Florida Times-Union |  
Opening a sports-themed restaurant across the street from the ballpark and next to the arena should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, owners seem to take that "no-brainer"... September 17, 2009 | The Florida Times-Union |  
It's getting to be that time of year when it's good to have a go-to side dish recipe for game day barbecues and fall parties. As I've mentioned before, deciding what to bring... September 16, 2009 | The Florida Times-Union |  
Want to take a bite of a "POS" for charity? The POS, or Pocketful of Shrimp, was created by Mandarin resident Chuck Richardson, who would like to see it become the signature... September 12, 2009 | The Florida Times-Union |