It’s been a week since Jacksonville Suns pitcher Chris Hatcher made his second major-league appearance, this time from the pitching mound. While the Florida Marlins returned... 2 hours ago | The Florida Times-Union |  
Mike Smith found his current putter in the woods on the Ponte Vedra Golf and Country Club 13 years ago, when he was just starting junior golf. Trying to pry that Scotty Cameron... 2 hours ago | The Florida Times-Union |  
The so-called accidental shooting of 11-year-old Seth Lasater came only a few days after a federal lawsuit was filed on behalf of 11,000 of Florida’s physicians who might have... 3 hours ago | The Florida Times-Union |  
Police arrested and charged a woman with murder after a Friday night shooting left a man dead in Arlington. 4 hours ago | WJXT |  
Crews from the St. Johns County Fire and Rescue Department as well as the Division of Forestry are battling a wildfire in Switzerland. IMAGES: Switzerland Fire 4 hours ago | WJXT |  
The Washington Post NFL player leaders are scheduled to meet Monday in Washington, where they are likely to recommend approval of the lockout-ending collective bargaining... 1 hour ago | The Florida Times-Union |  
For quite a while, I have stubbornly resisted blogging, the same way in the past I stubbornly resisted Facebook and Twitter.But I’m going to give it a try. Well, blogging. I’m... 1 hour ago | The Florida Times-Union |  
BRUNSWICK, GA.  | College of Coastal Georgia is getting a new address without budging.It was, and still is, at 3700 Altama Ave. in Brunswick. But come Tuesday  it will... 1 hour ago | The Florida Times-Union |  
2 cents Boy, these NFL owners really tried to pull a fast one on the players. What a great PR move: “Let’s get this deal with some new twists and pass it through, then leave it in... 2 hours ago | The Florida Times-Union |  
The redfish tournament hosted by the Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament was, by most any standard, a real success.  More than 100 anglers fished it in its inaugural... 2 hours ago | The Florida Times-Union |