A new study suggests that removing dead pine trees in Southern California forests will not reduce the severity of wildfires. 6 hours ago | KPBS |  
"Deck the halls with hunks of money--fa la la la la, la la la la! 'Tis the season to be greedy-fa lal la la la, la la BAH HUMBUG!" --from a December, 1974 issue of "Boy's Life."... September 23, 2009 | San Diego Reader |  
Today's fantastic Runner-Up needs no explanation. Read. Chuckle. Move onwards! The winner of today's (always objective!) Best Of award goes to: 1967 World Book Encyclopedia Set (... September 23, 2009 | San Diego Reader |  
With the Chargers losing their second game of the season (even though they're 1-1), I thought the football fans might like a few stories that don't involve the Chargers getting... September 23, 2009 | San Diego Reader |  
Hey-o and thanks to all commenters over the past week. Your participation is much appreciated! I try to reward the readership with the best possible Runner-Up I can dredge from... September 23, 2009 | San Diego Reader |  
Five Helix’s band performs in traditional Highlander garb. (Red Zone) Four Helix receiver Cameron Lee grimaces as the Highlanders trainer and assistant coach Eric Parker stretch... September 23, 2009 | San Diego Reader |  
San Diego Music Encyclopedia & Database Online Now  Press illo to play the Overheard song!   NEW COMPREHENSIVE LOCAL MUSIC DATABASE IS LAUNCHED IT'S DONE!!!! And growing every... September 23, 2009 | San Diego Reader |  
The weather is starting to show signs of fall now. The leaves are falling faster now. You can feel the fall chill in the wind at night when I go to work at @2 AM. The day... September 22, 2009 | San Diego Reader |  
Neon colors add surprise to seasonal staples. 15 hours ago | NBC San Diego |  
Morse High School in southeast San Diego is ringing in the new school year with a brand new football and track field. Students and campus officials say the makeover was long... 16 hours ago | KPBS |