Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke tells Congress the central bank is "well suited" to oversee colossal financial companies whose failure could endanger the entire U.S. economy... 11 hours ago | KSAT |  
The Texas oil and gas industry continues to cancel drilling plans and lay off thousands of workers as producers adjust to lower commodity prices. September 30, 2009 | Business Journal |  
The Animal Defense League has hired a new executive director to help raise funds for a shelter expansion as well as promote the league as a no-kill organization for abandoned,... September 30, 2009 | Business Journal |  
Nearly one in three borrowers who applied for a mortgage last year was denied as lenders made it far more difficult to qualify. September 30, 2009 | KSAT |  
The August unemployment rate fell in about 60 percent of metropolitan areas from the previous month, as layoffs ease nationwide. September 30, 2009 | KSAT |  
General Motors Corp. plans to phase out its Saturn dealership network after talks with a prospective buyer for the division collapsed. (PAG) (GM) September 30, 2009 | Business Journal |  
San Benito Mayor Joe Hernandez on Wednesday unveiled the city’s $32.44 million water and wastewater system — completed with funding from the North American Development Bank (... September 30, 2009 | Business Journal |  
AT&T Inc. has acquired Plusmo Inc. for an undisclosed amount. (T) September 30, 2009 | Business Journal |  
First-time claims for jobless benefits increased more than expected last week, a sign employers are reluctant to hire and the job market remains weak. 11 hours ago | KSAT |  
A Maryland private equity fund whose chief investment officer is barely old enough to roll the dice or have a legal drink wants to become a player in the Atlantic City casino... 11 hours ago | KSAT |  
The International Monetary Fund said the global economy is recovering faster than expected -- but that governments should not be hasty in withdrawing the added spending and low... 11 hours ago | KSAT |  
Can't find an ATM from your bank nearby? Keep walking, unless you want to pay higher fees. 11 hours ago | KSAT |  
Consumer spending shot up in August by the largest amount in nearly eight years even though personal incomes continued to lag. 11 hours ago | KSAT |  
A student journalist throws a shoe at IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn and runs toward the stage shouting "IMF get out!" 12 hours ago | KSAT |  
During the worst recession in decades, International Stunt School students have plunked down thousands of dollars to start a new career. 13 hours ago | KSAT |