Dear Pat: The grilled salmon at Paesanos 1604 is extraordinary. It's served with a delicious raspberry sauce and the most incredible mashed potatoes. I'm hoping the chef will... 8 hours ago | Express-News |  
In the same way German engineers have built a reputation for building sleek, fast cars, contemporary furniture designers seem to come out of the woodwork in Milan. Even if they’re... September 19, 2009 | Express-News |  
Kathy and I went to Rockport Beach a few weeks ago to photograph a colony of black skimmers, crow-size birds at once elegant and peculiar looking. September 19, 2009 | Express-News |  
The clever folks at simplehuman have released mod-looking shampoo and soap dispensers that make showering less like a slippery juggling act. September 19, 2009 | Express-News |  
Gardeners, keep an eye on the insect world. Texas AgriLife extension entomologists are studying four undesirables that have infiltrated the state, and they’re alerting us to help... September 19, 2009 | Express-News |  
Harvest a few seeds from the grocery store. It won’t cost you much, and the experiment likely will yield fun and something to eat. September 19, 2009 | Express-News |  
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I'm hoping this week's column will get back in the good graces of a reader who left me a phone message. 8 hours ago | Express-News |  
Michael Lawrance Kozelka was arrested last week after he went two consecutive days to the 2,000-acre Stephenville ranch owned by Jewel's husband, rodeo champion Ty Murray, said... 10 hours ago | WOAI |