Jessica Nicole Ramirez stopped by the Living Show Wednesday to talk about her whirlwind tour as Miss Fiesta San Antonio. 35 min ago | WOAI |  
A man is caught on tape stealing a jar full of cash that was intended for a cancer group. 7 hours ago | KSAT |  
The couple's daughter, 7-year-old Kylie Bruehler, stood outside the church while cyclists formed an honor guard to pay tribute to her parents. 7 hours ago | WOAI |  
San Antonio has topped some good lists and some bad ones. Unfortunately, we have now landed on another bad one. 7 hours ago | WOAI |  
CPS Energy customers may be paying more to cool and heat their homes. 8 hours ago | KSAT |  
One man was fatally wounded and another man was hospitalized in a shooting at an apartment complex on the city's northwest side. 8 hours ago | KSAT |  
According to investigators, said a man with a gun stormed into an apartment at the complex and opened fire on two men inside. 8 hours ago | WOAI |  
Investigators say the shooting was about a debt. 8 hours ago | WOAI |  
After receiving a call about several Craigslist postings concerning the abandoned dogs at Southside Lions Park, News 4 WOAI contacted the Animal Defense League Tuesday to see if... 1 hour ago | WOAI |  
The first batch of H1N1 vaccine has finally arrived in Bexar County. But there are only 500 doses. 1 hour ago | WOAI |  
According to police, the man was "devastated" after the accident, and family members said the brothers were best friends who rarely went a day without talking. 2 hours ago | WOAI |  
Wondering if swine flu's bad enough to require a doctor's attention? An interactive Web site may help you decide, using the same type of triage calculations that doctors at Emory... 3 hours ago | WOAI |  
The Texas Department of Transportation is pulling the last plug on the Trans-Texas Corridor, Gov. Rick Perry's embattled plan to build a toll-road network across the state. 3 hours ago | WOAI |  
The outspoken billionaire owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks was accused in a civil lawsuit of selling his shares and avoiding a $750,000 loss after receiving confidential... 3 hours ago | WOAI |  
Investigators say they found several items from the city building on Richard Thomas Alvarez. 3 hours ago | WOAI |