They were calling it the tax on Q-tips. 10 hours ago | KSAT |  
Giving contraceptives to people in developing countries could help fight climate change by slowing population growth, experts say. September 18, 2009 | KSAT |  
President Barack Obama is sitting down for interviews with five television networks this afternoon, a highly unusual schedule even for a president who regularly uses the media to... September 18, 2009 | KSAT |  
A southern Illinois woman dies after being severely burned in a flash fire while undergoing surgery, a rare but vexing problem in operating rooms. September 18, 2009 | KSAT |  
Surviving breast cancer is a victory, but it can come with costs, including weakened thinking skills, former cancer patients say. September 18, 2009 | KSAT |  
Global production of swine flu vaccines will be "substantially less" than the previous forecast of 94 million doses a week, the WHO says. September 18, 2009 | KSAT |  
Abandoned mercury mines throughout central California's rugged coastal mountains are polluting the state's major waterways, rendering fish unsafe to eat and risking the health of... September 18, 2009 | KSAT |  
A government study says that more than 8 million Americans seriously consider suicide each year, especially young adults and drug users. September 17, 2009 | KSAT |  
After learning that their baby-to-be belongs biologically to another couple, an Ohio couple faces a tough choice. 13 hours ago | KSAT |  
Lifting weights won't make most women look manly. But it will help them stay thin and healthy. 16 hours ago | KSAT |  
Heart patients who catch the flu may have more to worry about than the sniffles: the virus could also spark a heart attack, new research shows. 20 hours ago | KSAT |  
A common treatment for prostate cancer may slightly increase patients' risk of heart problems, new research says. 20 hours ago | KSAT |